And so it started! Saturday’s Pride kick-off Rally  went down a treat at our new East River Park location. 

Albeit the slow start, a large and diverse crowd soon gathered under a perfect blue sky, filling the arena and cheering on the performers. Fortune Feimster (Chelsea Lately) and Jai Rodriguez (Queer eye for the Straight guy) were our hilarious hosts, thanks for the laugh guys!

Special thanks to all the incredible performers (in no particular order):

the uber-talented Beverly McClellan

empoweringindie artist Nhojj

the fabulous ladies of The Imperial Court of New York

the lovely young comedian Kaitlin Colombo

13 year old powerhouse Ani Hesse

passionate speaker Jazi Johnathan

motivating and horizon-broadening mom and Rabbi Reichel Weiss

sexy hiphop star Foxxjazell

inspirational and musical Justin Utley

brilliant speaker Jake Goodman

lyrical and beautiful Nikki Thomas

gifted performer Aiden Leslie

trans-queen Manila and her wonderful disciple Richard

…and everyone else who was involved in the performances! you’re great!

We’d also like to thank all our staff and volunteers who worked tirelessly and last but most definitely not least, our Rally Director Audrey, she’s amazing.

now on to the next event! 

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